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lover if he so wished)!▓ Driving along that pure and natal coast▓line they watched the f

hey rose from th

irst tendrils of sun▓light uncoil from horizon to horizon across th▓e dark self-sufficie

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nt Mediterranean sea whose e●dges were at one and the same moment touching lo●st hallowe


d Carthage and Salamis in Cypr●us.Presently, where the road di▓ps down among the dunes t

on, stif

o the● seashore Nessim once more slowe●d down and involuntarily suggeste▓d a swim.Chang

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ed as he was he▓ felt a sudden desire that Melissa ▓should see him naked, should ●appro


ve the beauty which for so long had lain, ●like a suit of well-cut clothes in▓ an attic cupboard, forgotten.Naked and▓ laughing, they waded out hand in h●and, into the icy water feeling the tame ●sunlight glowing on their backs as ▓th

ey did so.It was like the first morning ▓since the creation of the wor●ld.Melissa, too, had shed with her clothe

s the ●last residual encumbrance of the flesh, ▓and had become the dancer she truly was; ▓for nakedness always gave her f●ulness and balance


: the craft she lacked i▓n the cabaret.They lay together for a long tim▓e in perfect silence, seekin●g through the darkness of their fe▓elings for the way forward.▓He realized that he had won an instant compl●iance from her — that sh

e was now his mist▓ress in everything.They set off together for● the city, feeling at the same time▓ happy and

ill-at-ease — for both fe▓lt a kind of hollowness at the heart of▓ their happ



iness.Yet since th●ey were reluctant to surrender e●ach other to the life which awai▓ted them they lagged, the car● lagged, their silence lagged between endearm●ents.At last Nessim remembered ▓a tumbledown café in Mex where one could find a▓ boiled egg and coffee.Early▓ though it was the sleepy Greek▓ proprietor was awake and set chairs for them ▓under a barren fig-tree in a backyar●d full of hens and their meagre drop

p●ings.All around them towered corr●ugated iron wharves and factor

ies.Th▓e sea was present only as a ●dank and resonant smell of hot iron and tar.H●e set her down at last on the street-corner she● named and said good-bye in a



‘wooden ▓perfunctory’ sort of way — a●fraid p

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